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Sunday, 17 April 2011


I thought I might see if anyone wanted to ask me any questions? Sometimes it is really interesting to find out about the person that takes the photographs (at least I think so!)

Plus if anyone would ever want to collaborate with me, I 'm always interested...



Andrew Schaeffer said...

I saw your feature over at Booooooom. Your work has alone has seriously reignited my passion for photography. I have two questions for you:

1) How long have you been doing photography?

2) Judging by the many perfect imperfections in your photographs that you're still hanging onto film? What type of cameras do you use? I'm in love with twin lens reflex cameras myself. :)

Elizabeth Angela said...

Thanks andrew!
I have been taking photos for about ten years, and in the past 5/6 years I've had most of my professional commitments/ work published..

I do you use film, mainly 35mm film as it is so versatile, plus cheaper per shot!
I love old olympus SLR cameras...

Where can I see some of your work?

Andrew Schaeffer said...

I uploaded a few things for you to look at, I also do screen printing and video.


Stop motion I did a year ago:

Your stuff is a tough act to follow, I'm just trying to create good composition at the moment..haven't really produced anything "real" yet.

But enough of that, more questions!

What inspires you? Are there any photographers you admire? Do you prefer going out to a location with an image in mind, or do you fall upon situations that you think would make a great photograph?

Also I think I read on here that you don't take pictures professionally? How are you NOT making a living out of taking this wonderful images?

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